Goodbye to Lou

So as you all heard today, Lou Ruggieri will be leaving TCGS in pursuit of other goals.

First, let me say:

Needless to say, I'm upset.

Second, after listening to this show for almost two years then interning last summer, I cannot put into words how great it was to work with Lou. He was one of my favorite people at SiriusXM and became a very good friend after the internship as well. The quick wit and insightful thoughts you hear from him on air is only magnified off air, and his advice and friendship helped me through many crazy times throughout this past year.

I know I speak for most fans when I say that we're going to miss you, Lou. We'll miss the easygoing attitude you brought to the show, the brilliant way you ran the board with hilarious sound effects, your quips that often went under the radar, the casual "hmm" you'd throw into a crazy Lino story, and so on.

There's plenty more I could say, but I'll end this post here. Nothing compares to Lou.

Krista the Intern

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