Show thoughts 4-13-11

Now that I am stuck doing processing at work, I get to listen to the entire show! W00t! And since I have no idea how long this blessing from God will last, I'll do show thoughts for each new episode I hear.

Lino had a really good interview with Fr. James Martin (the other Fr. Jim), as they discussed his book "A Jesuits guide to (almost) everything." Highlight of the interview was Fr. Jim talking about trying to put yourself into Bible stories instead of just reading them, and telling Lino and crew about giving $120,000 in royalties back to his religious order.

That's dedication. Hopefully the interview makes its way to podcast form, as Fr. Martin is always fun to listen to (and yes, Lino is right: Fr. Jim Martin would make better commercials than what The Catholic Channel has going right now).

Other show thoughts:

• Lou and Maureen's mock commercial "Relation tips" was hysterical: I think I got a few crazy looks in my office from laughing so hard. Meeting your spouse apparently involves going outside. I really hope a few of these make their way into the podcasts.

• Speaking of podcasts, they aren't on the site anymore because we hope that by not having them here (and instead just linking to them), it will give Lino more subscribers, as people will actually have to listen to them.

• Maureen telling a seven-year-old kid she bested in "Are you smarter than a bad Catholic" probably deserves a "Maureen is Sorry" segment, but damnit I'm not going to force that apology. Fun moment.

• Mark Hart apparently has a healthy, sexual marriage.

• Two guests in one day? That's something else entirely. Props to Maureen for two quality guests on the same show, and good guests as of late. Dennis Quaid was a good get too.

• Lino did not get to have the Foo Fighters on the show Monday, and did not get to see the Foos on Letterman live in person. Proof, he said, of God disliking him. The jury is out on that, but I pray that maybe, just maybe, Lino gets the band to appear on the show in the near future to make up for it. Or to interview Letterman. That would be genius.

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