Show thoughts 4.14.11

Had to answer phones at work today, so I didn't catch the second hour of the show. Praying I find a gig that lets me get back into the swing of things. Thoughts on what I caught though.

• In case you are curious, here is the video of Fr. Rob on a local New York tv station (Lino kept referring to Fr. Rob being on Fox News, but it was really the local NYC Fox affiliate.

A listener called in and stated what most of us thought: it was great to see Fr. Rob in full-on priest mode. While we love Fr. Rob's weekly appearances that are ripe with humor, it's still great to hear exactly what makes him one of the best priests in the world. I thought he did a great job explaining the changes to the Mass, and I did think his joke was funny at the end.

• I spent ten minutes trying to find out what that crazy priest meant by Pappammarazzi, but alas I had no such luck. I liked that Lino didn't take the immediately critical route, trying to give the priest the benefit of the doubt for remaking Lady Gaga's Papparazzi song in a Christian tone, instead of going Catholic-Taliban and ripping the guy to shreds.

• "Is that Necessary" should be an audio clip that gets more airtime. Much better than the word "interesting" that Lou isolated. Speaking of audio clips, we need more goofy commercials from Maureen and Lou. Those were solid.

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