Show thoughts 4-19-11

Sorry for the delay in getting the show thoughts to you. Got to catch most of the show today. Fun things. Lino did mention that there would be no live show on Good Friday, and that on Holy Thursday there would only be a 90-minute show filled with guests (hoping for a Steve Ray/Mark Hart combo).

• Father Rob opened the show up by telling Lino he heard confessions for six hours. Six hours! That's two showings of Titanic! Maureen mentioned how hard that sounded, and I think it really does sound like something that can only be done with God's grace. To give each person your undivided attention for that long of a period of time is something Fr. Rob should be commended for.

• Anthony from Pennsylvania called and busted Lino's balls. "You call yourself a Catholic Guy, how could you talk to a priest that way?" is what the caller basically told Lino. The caller later said he must have just called in at the wrong time. Sometimes Lino and Fr. Rob get snippy with each other a little too close for comfort, but it is three hours of banter, and since Fr. Rob and Lino are good friends, I don't think that anyone's feelings get hurt.

• Lino had a great idea: Confession on Good Friday and Ash Wednesday. "It's an idea that will probably never get implemented," Lino said (I paraphrased that), but it's a shame. Many people get so humbled after church on Good Friday that they are probably ripe for a good confession.

• Happy belated birthday to Lino's father. 4.19.43 is a great day in the world.

• Lino received a tremendous compliment yesterday from a listener that said that the show inspired him to go back to confession, and a similar compliment on today's show. The thing I noticed was that there was no cash register sound. I can think of many reasons why this sound effect is no longer used (Lino doesn't need a raise anymore?), but I miss it.

• Nothing is set in stone, but we're going to try to do the second annual Crew Appreciation Week next week. Hopefully all of our writers have some time to get to that.

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