Show thoughts 4.15.11

Godspeed to Maureen, who was out sick today. Her cause of illness was listed as a fever. Thank God it's not the pink eye.

John Zmirak was on the show today. He's an underrated guest, always has something insightful to say. Today, he was talking about Holy Week traditions. Some were random things I've never heard of (Giving Wednesday a spy theme in "honor" of Judas going behind Jesus' back), and some that made sense, such as fasting from all forms of media between noon and three on Good Friday, and visiting seven churches on Holy Thursday.

My favorite suggestion of his was an egg fight. Instead of painting hard-boiled eggs, paint raw eggs and have your kids throw them at each other in the back yard. I hope my bride allows us to do this someday.

• Yeah, I NAILED that Mario impression. Too bad the segment was for the best Pope impression. That little kid from Oklahoma did allright. Me? My pope impression was horrible.

• One of Fr. Jim's FOCUS missionaries was on the show. FOCUS, which stands for Fellowship of Catholic University Students, is a band of missionaries that help out across the country, and have helped Fr. Jim out greatly at the Newman Center at Montclair State University. Through my work on the bulletins for FJ each week, I've gotten to know Patrick Caskey pretty well. He's a good guy, and was fun to hear him talk about his call to mission work on the show today.

• Lino's neighbors kept blaring "Lovely Day" by Bill Withers all night. I think all of us with a slightly immature brain can figure out why music was playing on a loop at 1 a.m.

• Kudos to Lino for not going overboard with some crazy tie-in to tax day today.

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