Show thoughts 4-29-11

Interesting Rome Show. It's not often that you get a show that is so focus on one topic, but that's exactly what Lino Rulli, Maureen McMurray, Ryan Stewart (of the now-defunct Fully Alive program) and Fr. Rob Keighron gave us.

I thought the show was very informative without sounding like an Enyclopedia reading. I liked hearing Lino's stories about meeting John Paul II (staying in the Pope's chapel for an extra minute to pray along with the Holy Father was a genius move by Lino). I also didn't realize that there was a museum set up in Poland with items from his life, although that part shouldn't surprise me at all.

No phone calls made it on the air, but it wasn't the right time or place for such things. I did miss Lou a ton (and will probably be thinking that for the next few years whenever I hear the show). Speaking of Lou, why didn't the man get more of a send-off? They should have a week of shows leading up to a big goodbye show!

Other show thoughts:

• I'm not sure about you, but Lino telling us that the live broadcast would begin at 4 a.m. was the first time I'd heard the time. The Catholic Channel should have been giving us times during their promos in addition to the day.

• It was good to hear a "relaxed" Fr. Dave Dwyer in the last hour of the show. I know he's very jolly on Busted Halo, but he's always busy hosting the show. During the last hour, he got to just hang out, talk about his vocation, and goof around. Very fun to hear.

• Fr. Dave and Fr. Rob's mock commentary was very funny. Those two should do more projects together.

• Lino and crew said the audio didn't work...or did it? Maureen recorded random people on the streets in Rome talking about the Royal Wedding vs. the Beautification, and the consensus was that their wasn't any audio. However, I heard the beginning of the clip of a man talking, and then it cut out. Not sure if was an error by the crew in assuming there was no audio, or if the audio itself cut out.

• I have to agree with Fr. Rob over Lino. At the beginning of the show, Lino took the position that the Church shouldn't have to wait five years before opening the books on a man like John Paul II to examine if he is a candidate for sainthood, with Fr. Rob arguing that there shouldn't be that kind of exception. I think Fr. Rob is right. As great of a person that John Paul II is, we have rules for a reason. If we make an exception for JPII, what message does that send if we don't make an exception for future popes? That they are somehow not as holy as JPII? I'm very happy that JPII is getting beatified, but he shouldn't garner any special treatment.

• Am I just a dunce, or does anyone else have NO clue what the phrase "It's better to light one candle than curse the darkness" means? I hear that in those Christophers commercial breaks, and I'm always left scratching my head.

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