Lou departs/show thoughts 4.26.11

Today's show hurt.

That's the only way I can describe how I felt when, at the top of the second hour of the show, Lino announced a resignation on the show.

Lou Ruggieri, who has been with The Catholic Guy show since December 2006, "tendered his resignation" effective this Thursday. Please note that I am in no way angry with Lou. But when you've listened to nearly three hours of the show each day since March 2008 (unfortunately cutting back on listening due to a new job in the last few months), the people start to feel more like friends and family than just radio voices.

The duo that is no more: Maureen (left) and Lou hard at work in Jan. 2010

Lou never delved into his personal life much, but he had a calm, funny demeanor that made you feel like you really knew the man. I've really grown to care about Lino, Maureen and Lou because they've been such a big part of my life, entertaining me, making me angry, making me sad, but mostly making me happy.

There are people who know Lou much better than I do, and having only met him in person once (he gave me a hug!), it's probably sounding a little silly that his departure saddens me the way it has. But I've spent all evening thinking about how much we're all going to miss him.

I really hope and pray that God does wonderful things for Lou and his girlfriend Jen. Lou is a talented, funny guy, and I know that God won't let that talent go to waste if Lou works hard.

And the way Lou left? No pomp and circumstance, no goodbye show. Just Lou being Lou: a quiet backbone to a wildly successful show.

(And if we're comparing TCGS members to body parts, Lino is the brains and Maureen is the heart. Just so nobody gets left out). Unfortunately, I couldn't listen to anything past the announcement of Lou going back to college (Med School), but at this time I have no idea if Lou is still making the Pilgrimage with the crew (I'm thinking yes).

Lino said, "You can't replace Lou. You can just hire someone to do his job." Lino did say that everyone is leaving as friends, and that the next person to do Lou's job would be revealed after the trip. Maureen said that Lou leaving is "really, really weird. He's my bro."

Fortunately for us, there's plenty of Lou to download off the internet (insert Lou's suspicious "Hmmmm" quip here). See, when Maureen left in 2008 (equally sad), there was no podcast of the show. When Maureen left, save for short Youtube clips of the show and the random replay, there was no way to relive fun moments involving Maureen. Thankfully, there are dozens of podcasts and Lino at Large shows available for download (links at top of page). This way, when you start to miss Lou, you can at least be reminded of why he meant so much to the show.

God bless you Lou. And thank you.

Other show thoughts.

• Friday's show is being broadcast from the Vatican. Same time, assumedly.

• Very funny moment at the beginning of the show when Fr. Rob called in, annoyed that Lino broke the news on-air that he would probably have to share a bedroom with Lino during part of the trip.

• Lino's book, aptly titled Sinner, was finally submitted to the editor. He shared a portion of it with his friends at Howard Stern's channel, and was met with great enthusiasm. Lino did promise plenty of controversy, including arrests and contemplating the hiring of a prostitute overseas.

As Lou would say, Hmmmmm.

• Charlie Cox, who starred as St. Josemaria in "There Be Dragons" and is in HBO's Boardwalk Empire, stopped by the show today. I think Lino is a good interviewer on the radio, but Lino puts himself down WAY too much. You don't always have to insult yourself to connect with a guest, Lino. Anyways, I thought it was great that Cox mentioned his first concert was going to see Pink Floyd with his parents at the age of 10. He also mentioned that the danger of playing a religious figure is that you act too pious. If he too precautions against that during filming of "There Be Dragons" it will be worth seeing.

Always good to see a religious person portrayed as a regular person. Props to Charlie.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Lou is not going on the pilgrimage.