Why didn't Lino receive the rose?

It was no surprise to me that Lino didn't directly receive a rose from St. Therese of Lisieux yesterday. Many times I've asked her for a sign of a rose, and I don't receive it directly either.

St Therese died at the very young age of 24. She was a humble, hidden nun, yet was quickly declared a Saint and even a Doctor of the Church. Her writings are very worth exploring.

Over the years, I've directly received favors from her, along with her wonderful sense of humor! So why did our beloved executive producer of the Catholic Channel receive the rose? I believe it's because the Catholic Channel is not what we expect! For those reader of the blog who might not be familiar with the executive producer of our favorite channel, Robyn is Jewish, and has always shown wonderful openness and respect to our Catholic Faith while remaining true to her own traditions. Lino has great respect for Robyn, too!

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