Q and A with Ryan Grant, new TCGS assistant producer

We here at catholicguyshow.com had to know more about new assistant producer Ryan "don't take him for" Grant-ed (silly pun I know). He was kind enough to answer nine questions for us.

1. Obvious question, what's it like hearing the show the way most fans do, and now be responsible for creating the show? What are your main job responsibilities?
Hearing the shows and now being responsible for creating the show are actually very similar. As a listener, there are certain aspects of the show that you expect. As assistant producer, I try and translate that same expectation into show prep.

2. What is your radio background? Who are your biggest influences when it comes to media.
I started in radio back in my senior year of high school. I was performing a concert for a local christian radio station. They had an opening for a host, so i said "why not?" I started the next day. I was hooked from there. I did my college internship at Sirius radio and then returned home to another local radio gig as a music on-air DJ. Biggest influence in media actually stems more from the music side of media.

3. What do you miss the most about being a seminarian?
The daily routine of consistent daily Mass and communal prayer. Its nice having a set time for prayer. It can sometimes be a challenge to set aside those extra times for daily mass or liturgy of the hours.

4. What's Lino REALLY like?
Lino is as you hear...Purell and all.

5. Did you ever consider Dental school?
Odd question...never. I hate the dentist. <editor's note: Don't expect sanity from TCGS fans :) - df>

6. What's Maureen REALLY like?
Maureen is very nice. I feel the show does a good job of projecting the true personalities of the cast.

7. Outside of the show, who are some the nicest people at Sirius XM?
The faces haven't really changed here since I interned 5 years ago (pre-catholic channel). I used to work for Jim Ryan (The Pulse). He is a great personality here. Also good friends with Brian Hamilton (VP Sports). He is a friend of the family. So knowing so many people makes it easy to come back to the studios...like i never left.

8. If you could work for any channel other than TCC at Sirius XM, what would it be? Why?
Sirius XM Hits 1. I was on the Hits One morning show a few times as an intern...it was a lot of fun.

9. What was the first thing you said to your mom or dad after your first day on the air?
"Yo, it was fun, crazy...I will talk to you more about it in about an hour...grabbing a beer with a friend before catching the train."

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