Short show thoughts, 5.10.11

Don't have much in the way of show thoughts today, as my evening was filled with too many things to give a detailed run-down today.

• I think Ryan Grant fits in very nicely with the crew. After hearing him for the full show today, it's really great that Lino has someone who is very knowledgeable about the Faith to banter with (no offense to Maureen, obviously). I think this will lead to more in-depth discussions, rather than monologues, about faith matters.

• Fr. Rob's karaoke might have been the greatest moment in radio history. Top-five for sure. Unfortunately, I don't think we'll ever see video of this. What happens on pilgrimages stays on pilgrimages, apparently.

• There was a great priest on the show today. Unfortunately, I didn't write down his name. I must be a terrible fan and/or note taker. But the guy was great.

• Lino Rulli, as always, maintained his streak as the best radio show host in the world. I have a gut-feeling that we are just on the tip of the iceberg when it comes to seeing how much potential this show really has at succeeding.

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1 Response to Short show thoughts, 5.10.11

  1. Kristan says:

    The video of Fr. Rob is floating around amongst the pilgrims ... let me see if I can get a copy for you. Opa!