Show thoughts 5.25.11

Didn't get to hear much of the show today. Was in a training class until the end of the first hour, and didn't get to hear anything until the start of the third hour. However, starting next week, I have a shift change: instead of getting off work at 6:30 p.m., I will leave work at 5:30 p.m.

A guaranteed hour-and-a-half of Lino Rulli each day. In the words of WWE wrestler Zack Ryder, "Woo Woo Woo!"

• My bride told me that this segment had been done before, but today was the first time I'd heard of the Lini awards (formerly named the Gussies). It was a much-needed skewering of The Catholic Channel commercials that we are all forced to listen to. I didn't get the nominees, but here are your winners:

"Fastest Reading" to author and motivator Dave Duran. That dude really does talk fast.
"Most presumptuous/offensive" goes to The Christopher Minute, for assuming that that everyone else assumes that someone collecting cans must be homeless.
"Why, just Why" award goes to Life Love and Health for their 10 worst jobs in Science, per Popular Science magazine.
"Craziest inflection" goes to The Christopher Minute for over-emphasizing Brooke White's name.

These commercials are horrible. No way around it. Especially the ones from Life, Love and Health. Lino and Maureen made a great point: What if someone turns to TCC for some edifying Christian talk, and they have a job that gets discussed in that commercial? While they probably know that they don't have the best job, it's probably best not to rub their face in it.

There are some solid commercials on The Catholic Channel. Pope Benedict XVI's blessing is clearly the best, but I do enjoy Greg and Jennifer's rosary chatting and some of Gus Lloyd's explanations of Catholicism. But there are so many better ideas for promos on The Catholic Channel that just aren't being done. A few ideas:

• Get a host to discuss a minute of faith. Could be a moment when they doubted God and how they got through it, the most meaningful thing God had ever done for them, or something they're thankful for.
• Gus always gets to explain scriptures, why not let Fr. Dave or Archbishop Dolan have a crack at that?
• This day in history with Bob Dunning.

As much as I love The Catholic Channel, the commercial spots are it's true weak point. Then again, it could be worse: listen to the commercials that are played during sports talk radio shows, and you'll be thankful for TCC's commercials.

• Ryan, five miles in a marathon? C'mon, you're brighter than that!

• Only a few more hours to sign up for the Lino pilgrimage, where you get to see Lino and Fr. Rob ride in a Gondola together. Genius. Unfortunately, I don't have the financial resources to enter this time, but my bride and I are hoping that we'll have enough saved up for a spring trip.

Visit to enter. The sign-up ends at midnight Thursday, with names being selected out of a literal hat.

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