We just don't know *UPDATED*

***********UPDATE 6/1/11 Lino is back on the air today and cannot discuss the 'bad news' for two weeks due to legal restrictions.  We are thankful, because that sounds to us like no one in his life has passed away which was our primary concern. We continue to pray for Lino******************

According to Facebook Lino received some bad news yesterday.
We've been asked if we have any additional information, and I am sorry to report that the LinoFans know nothing more than that.

We will be praying for Lino in whatever he is going through.
May the Grace of God be with him and the Will of God be done.

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  2. lktallo says:

    I agree - I am just happy he's ok and hopefully the family is too. I think most everyone is being pretty supportive of him, and for that I am glad. Hang in there, Lino!