Whoa! Where were we?

Yeah, sorry for the delay in posting. BUT if Lino can go away for a week with pay, then we feel we can duck out for a while. Especially during the first month of marriage.

We learned that Lino's book Sinner is available for preorder at Amazon (audio cd here and book here), Barnes and Noble (paperback here), etc. And while preordering saves money and gives the publisher a heads up on sales, we wonder if that cuts into Lino and his publisher's profit? What is the morally correct thing to do when it comes to ordering his book? We have no idea, and doubt any priest would take the time to comment and answer this question.

I do plan on ordering a few copies of the book (might make a good giveaway), along with an audio version (we only have one Nook, so only one version necessary). Although, with the book ready to roll out, despite not knowing what is inside these pages, we humbly ask Lino Rulli....

Will you please write a sequel?

Get started on that now! I know you have more stories to tell, more lessons to impart. What was it like to not have Maureen on the show? 20 most awkward moments in Mass? What is a day in the life of Sirius XM really like?

We know you have the content. But given the fact that you STILL haven't released Vol. 2 of Generation Cross, we won't hold our breath :)

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1 Response to Whoa! Where were we?

  1. DarrylM says:

    Well, I'm a priest and I've pre-ordered it....... :-)

    What's really strange, though, is that Amazon.ca is estimating the delivery to occur in the 2nd week of January, 2012. What's up with that?