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So Lino posted this lovely treat of a prompt on his facebook page last week. When first hearing about Lino's book we offered to write a blurb for him. Here's the real chance to have it read by everyone (since everyone will buy a copy, you hear me, guy in the back unsure if you will like it... BUY IT ANYWAY)

Lino has decided on a deadline of Friday June 3, 2011 as the last day to submit entries in the blurb contest.  Entrants should go to and click on "contact" to enter. 

As a special treat to our readers we have posted our blurb here.  And of course will get over to Lino's website to submit it for official review!

P.S. to Lino's publisher. We think you should let him have a listener blurb and an "official" blurb from the writers of

Here are a few options:

"Praise for Lino Rulli"
Lino is a man.  -Allicia Faber

Lino is a sinful man; horribly sinful. But it's his willingness to admit his latest shortcomings that make him so relatable and endearing. -dustin Faber

"Praise for Sinner"

Lino Rulli really wrote something here!  Sinner is a refreshing look at the real life a Catholic Guy leads. -Allicia Faber

I laughed. I cried. I repented. - dustin Faber.

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