Facebook changes

To all the Facebook Lino Fans

We will be CLOSING The Lino Fans Facebook PAGE on August 1st.

Facebook made it easier for Lino to manage his own fan page. Lino has been very generous with responding and therefore alleviating the need for a 3rd party (however unofficial we are) to help manage questions and requests about the show. We have made the executive decision to close the page and direct all you loyal Linoans to his facebook page www.facebook.com/linorulli

This should not be a big shock, since we have been offering the page to Lino since it started. We are thrilled to be involved with the Lino Rulli Fandom and will continue to offer content on the blog at www.catholicguyshow.com.

You may find Lino's facebook and twitter account information on his website www.CatholicGuy.com

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