Top 5 Prayer Possibilites for Lino Rulli

On yesterday's show, Lino talked about how he had been praying for something for several months and last week his prayer came true. He said it was in regard to the show but he was not free to announce what exactly he was praying for. This, of course, just makes my imagination run rampant so I thought of five possible things the Lino could have been praying for. These are just figments of my imagination and since my imagination can be a scary place, we won't get into TOO much detail.

#5) The show is hitting the road- Several months ago, Lino talked about how he wanted to take the show to Iraq or Afghanistan so that he could thank the troops and talk about the good work that the chaplains are doing there. Perhaps, Lino will be the next Bob Hope.

#4) They are getting rid of the commercial breaks-The breaks have been a point of contention for Lino ever since they started making him take more of them a few years ago. Maybe Lino is going to announce that he has received a dispensation from having to do breaks. From now on, we get 180 full minutes of Lino every show.

#3) In-Studio Cameras- Something else that Lino has been trying to get for years. Fans have been clamoring to be able to actually see what has been going on in studio. Can't you imagine, being able to log in and see the hilarity?

#2) Maureen is coming back!- At first, I thought maybe the announcement will have to do with getting a new producer and then I realized---Lino is just getting his old producer back! It's not like she hasn't left and come back before.

#1) A new name for The Catholic Channel- We all know that Lino is the biggest draw on The Catholic Channel, so I predict a whole new name, "The Lino Rulli Channel-All Lino, All the Time." They could play not only new TCGS episodes but also Lino at Large and "best of" after "best of" after "best of."

Those are just five of the ideas that were swimming around in my head. Of course, I have more but since it's my first post on I figure I should restrain myself so I don't have to get fired already. What ideas do you guys have?

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