2011 TCGS Draft

Lino Rulli and Fr. Rob Keighron held the 2011 Catholic Guy Show draft, in which they picked celebrities that would most benefit the Catholic Church if they became a full, practicing member (I personally would have chosen Barack Obama or Steve Jobs).

Here is a rundown of their picks:

Lino's number one pick: Oprah Winfrey
Lino cited her influence, and even though it could be waning (no more daily show), he reasoned that she got Obama into the White House, so she could definitely get some people into the Church.

Fr. Rob's number one pick: Lady Gaga
"Who has more influence than Lady Gaga right now?" Fr. Rob asked. They cited her 11 million Twitter followers and general popularity among many different types of people, before mentioning that she does indeed claim to be very Catholic.

Start practicing a little more visibly, Lady G. I know you can pull it off!

Audience picks (in order): The Dali Llama, Joel Olsteen, Harry Potter, Prince William and Katherine, James Earl Jones, Rush Limbaugh, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, Howard Stern, Jud Apatow. Olsteen and Howard scored high, while Jones and the Sheltons didn't get much love from Lino and the malcontent priest.

With time running out on the segment, Lino read off the list of picks that audience members on hold suggested. Brock Lesnar, the leader of China, Tier Woods, Yao Meng, Jimmy Buffett, the Kardashians and Barack Obama.

And Fr. Rob closed out the segment with more of his picks. Webster (the dictionary guy), Captin America, Warren Buffett, Lebron James and Mark Zuckerberg.

It's a fun segment that doesn't get overblown. I liked Lino and Fr. Rob's number one choices, but I think they discounted the popularity of country music. Shelton converting would be the talk of the town in the Bible Belt.

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  1. DarrylM says:

    One thing I found a bit amusing was that in the break following the Blake Shelton bit, an ad for one of the Sirus/XM country music channels mentioned him. I had never heard of him before and there he was, mentioned twice in the span of about 4 minutes!