How to Make the Best of Best ofs

I'm going to show my age here a little bit, but I remember suffering through summers when we only had three television channels. During the summer all of the television shows were repeats and we had to wait until the fall for new television shows. Even today with a million channels and a hundred television shows out there, we still have to suffer through our favorite shows going through an occasional hiatus. Unless you like watching soap operas you are going to have to suffer through reruns.

Repeats aren't necessarily a bad thing. Heck, I love watching past episodes of Modern Family on Hulu. I even have a cabinet of movies on DVD and VHS (I'm too cheap to get a Blue-Ray). Yet fans of The Catholic Guy Show are notorious for complaining about "Best of's." Obviously, we can't have new episodes every single day. Well, we could--but some crazed fan would have to chain lino to a radiator of a broadcast studio (something I think Lino fears anyway). But let's face it---Lino deserves to take days off for vacation or sick time just like the rest of us. The show can't go on without him. He IS The Catholic Guy after all. Besides, Lino gets good material for the show from his trips abroad. Sometimes, like this week as he goes to Spain, he is traveling for the show and we benefit.

My complaint has always been that the "Best of" episodes is that they always seem to be rebroadcasts of shows from a week or two ago. I think TCGS fans would be much more entertained and pleased of the "best of" shows were from four to six months ago. The shows would not be so fresh in our memories. The jokes would be fresh and new and fans would be less likely to change the channel.

I enjoy listening to old pod casts of the TCGS. I'm several months behind in them though. The one I listened to last was recorded during lent. I wonder if they think that not everyone listens every day so people may catch a show they missed but I think, for the most part, people are every day listeners. They many only catch a certain hour but they listen every day but overall they listen ever day.

What do you guys think? Would you rather that the "best of" shows be recent shows or older ones?

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