"What's that?"

I have been listening to the Best ofs on the radio and the podcast on my iPhone to get my Lino-fix this week.

Anytime I am listening and Lino makes a joke he has made a thousand times before, I still laugh. Out loud. I will give an example or two:

On the podcast, Lino is playing one of my favorite games: "Minor Confessions." When John from San Antonio calls in, he begins to confess how he and his classmates fooled their poor teacher into thinking his hearing aid had gone bad. Of course when John said "hearing aid," that immediately prompted Lino to ask, "What's that?" "I didn't get that." I burst into raucous laughter, right in the middle of shelving books in the library where I work.

On today's re-broadcast, a guy called in from North Dakota. If you are a regular listener, you know exactly what is coming next. "North Dakota has been voted one of the two best Dakotas." Same schtick, different day. I still laughed out loud.

I started wondering why, even though I know exactly what Lino is going to say, I still find it funny. Then it hit me - It is like being in a family. The same family stories, the same family jokes are told every time you get together, and you always enjoy them and laugh. It makes you feel like part of something. That is what Lino does- he reminds us that we are all one family in Christ. That's what draws us to him and the show. We are all one Body.

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2 Responses to "What's that?"

  1. Susan says:

    Perfectly stated. I completely agree!