Kudos to Lino, Brett and Fr. Rob

Listening to the podcasts today, and then to the live show, you could really get a sense of how much fun Lino, Brett and Fr. Rob had at World Youth Day this year. Their banter and laughter does the heart good. I can't imagine any other Catholic media folks having that much fun over there.

Even though there was a lot of fun being had, Lino still managed to convey the true reasons Catholic youth were there: to celebrate our faith and love of Jesus. He played funny clips of sleepy folks being pestered by Brett, but also played clips of people who knew it was a pilgrimage, and they were there to revel in our universality and faith. Lino's message: The "Body of Christ" is alive and we are one people. Some people may think we are crazy for our beliefs, but at the end of the day, we are the church founded by Christ himself and the gates of hell (or critics and nay-sayers) will not prevail against us. We are vibrant and alive!

So kudos to Lino, Brett and Fr. Rob for taking us with them to WYD in the theatre of the mind.
A job well done.

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1 Response to Kudos to Lino, Brett and Fr. Rob

  1. Loulou - 2002 WYD veteran says:

    I could not have said it any better. I was heartily happy for the follow up shows ... waiting for pod cast 63...the 3rd and I guess last – hope it doesn’t become the ‘lost tape’. Now I have to wait for 3 years for the next WYD... y'all better start learning Portuguese.