Stupid woman drives Lino away from dating web sites!

From what I heard on the show today, a woman out of the blue messaged Lino on one of the dating web sites he is a member of, and told him that he was too short and had too funny looking of a face for her to be seen in public with him.

Now, there is such a thing as a joke. Throwing a goofy insult into an email and pairing it with a genuine compliment would be a joke in good taste.

But this message came out of nowhere and ended with one of those holier than thou "Best wishes in your search" taglines. Hearing someone put down Lino, who by all accounts is a genuinely attractive and nice looking man, is beyond childish.

It's so childish that I feel silly addressing it in a blog post, but I needed to vent. With so much cyber-bullying and rudeness that is out there, people need to take a stand even if it seems like a small, trivial issue (I don't think Lino feels bullied, but behavior like that shouldn't be tolerated).

What nerve does someone have randomly messaging people and telling them their alleged faults and imperfections. I'm sure this woman has her own imperfections, and if someone pointed out to her in person that her face looks like the surface of the moon, and that her teeth resembled Christmas lights, she would be up in arms about how rude other people can be.

If that mystery person happens to be reading this, let it be said: We don't have to see a photo of you to know how ugly you really are: Actions show a much clearer image than any mirror.

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2 Responses to Stupid woman drives Lino away from dating web sites!

  1. What a moron! Being the mother of a grown son, my mothering instinct comes out and I want to punch that woman for a number of reasons: 1) She insulted my friend and someone I care about. (Ok, I would have been a teen mom to Lino, but who cares?)
    2) She is an occasion of sin for us. I don't like it.
    Don't give a second thought, Lino. You are an awesome person and she is just jealous.

  2. This incident struck a nerve with me too because of a similar incident that happened to's not a dating matter as I'm married, just an overreaction.

    I like FB and many other social media outlets for many good reasons. I was one of Lino's original 13 My Space fans back in the early days! I mainly like to "keep up" with people of many relationships.

    One thing I've done the past couple of years is keep up with actors and entertainers simply to see what shows we can attend...any we've had many good experiences.

    There's a local amusement park we like to attend that has different shows, and this is how is started. We met one guy we just love, see his plays now, even met his mother, we are FB friends, it's all so nice.

    So there's one show we attend that my little girl loves, and one day one of the performers "STALKED" us to tell us how much they enjoy us in the audience. So ok, I try to friend them (a couple) on FB. Well not only did this person "reject" me, but they blocked me! Jeez Louise, what an overreaction in my humble opinion! Their loss as far as I'm concerned, and this date site woman's loss, too.