One hour is not enough World Youth Day coverage

With Lino going to World Youth Day in Spain to cover the event, I thought I'd be getting three hours of fun, much like the shows in Rome after pilgrimages.

Instead, Lino announced that the mustaches at Sirius XM said he could only do one hour. Not two, not 90 minutes. Just one.

Is it just me, or does this seem extremely short-sighted and ignorant? The Catholic Channel already has Lino, Fr. Rob and Brett Siddell on site. Why not take advantage of that opportunity and broadcast more than one hour a day?

For the life of me, I cannot figure out the rationale used in determining that only one hour is necessary. It's not like Lino and crew are covering some joke like John Corapi. This is the once-ever-three-years World Youth Day complete with appearances from Pope Benedict XVI. Why send the crew if you are only going to do an hour a day? That seems like a waste of valuable resources.

Besides, is a replay really more important than a coverage of an even that attracts hundreds of thousands of young Catholics every year? I have no doubt EWTN will have more than one hour of daily coverage: if they can do it, I know The Catholic Channel can do it too.

With one more week to go, I think there is still time to get The Catholic Channel to change their minds on this. I urge everyone reading this post to send an email to and politely ask that more coverage of the event is absolutely necessary.

If you don't have the time to type, but still want your voice heard, here is a short form letter that you can copy and paste into the email.

I am writing to ask that you please give Catholic Channel listeners more than one hour of daily World Youth Day coverage. I believe that this is a very newsworthy, important event in The Catholic Church, and that you are doing listeners of this channel a great disservice by limiting coverage.

I ask that you reconsider the amount of time each day you devote to covering this event. Thank you for your time.


With enough emails, we can hopefully convince The Catholic Channel to give us the coverage that we deserve.

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