Could we be getting our iphone wish?

No, we don't know anything about the success or failure of our email campaign to get more TCGS from World Youth Day. However, on Friday's show, Lino mentioned that they are taking a week off to get ready for Fr. Rob's debut as a full-time cast member. Among one of the things Lino said they were working on was an iphone app.

Back on May 1, we suggested this very same thing. Among the things we really wanted out of an app was the ability to hear the live show by logging in with your Sirius XM subscription, and then being able to listen to the same replay on a loop until the next broadcast. This would really give people who missed part of the show a chance to catch up on what they missed, and give the rest of us the ability to enjoy our favorite parts over and over.

I realize that Sirius XM might see this as competition to the app they have, but I think an app that lets you use your Sirius XM subscription to get more out of shows you love would only make the subscription more appealing.

Maybe, just this one time, our dreams will come true.

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