Crew Appreciation Week: Fr. Rob Keighron

He’s probably the worst singer I have ever heard, and based on what I have seen, he’s not much better at dancing. Anybody reading this blog knows exactly who I am talking about. It’s that fiery redhead, Fr. Rob.

Mostly everyone was happy when Lino announced in the summer that Fr. Rob was joining the show full time in September. After Lou and Maureen left, I for one was wondering what in the heck was going to happen to the show. To be quite honest, I would not have blamed Lino if he had thrown in the towel himself.

But Ryan was hired, and Fr. Rob proved himself to be a fast friend to not only Lino, but to the listeners. Up until the time that he joined the show, Fr. Rob came in (without pay) every week like clockwork to add a bit of spice to the lineup. After Maureen left, his appearances on the show increased, and helped Lino and us through a difficult transition.

My first post to the TCGS blog was about how Lino was “an enigma” to us because we never knew what he was going to say or do. The same can truly be said about Fr. Rob. One of the priests who went to seminary with Fr. Rob and met up with Lino at WYD described him to Lino as “joyful and very angry.” That about sums it up. Fr. Rob said, “I just love to have a good time. I’m happy about my anger. It just makes me angry when people don’t make me happy.” Lino replied, “ It makes us happy when Fr. Rob is angry.”

Whether he’s runnin’ hot about something- his San Francisco Giants, some priests who aren’t following the rules, or a mechanic who doesn’t know what he’s doing, you can count on Fr. Rob to entertain you just by being himself. He’s extremely intelligent and very devoted to his calling as a priest. He loves food and drink and having fun, but when challenged, was able to drop 30 lbs. and change to a much healthier lifestyle.

Fr. Rob is a real person and thank God, a real priest.

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