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On Today's Show...oh yes, everybody loves a good song parody. We have a brand new song parody for you! Tune in to hear the song and find out what happened over the weekend in the lives of the Catholic Guy Show crew...
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1 Response to On Today's Show

  1. This is OFF TOPIC but I'm too lazy to hit the 'older posts' button. It was a long day, what can I say, Lino?

    I have your book (SPOKEN, of course!) and i ABSOFRAGINLUTELY LOVE it. LOVE it. No. Really. Monkey Boy? Snort! Father Rob comments? Great! Who couldn't love Father Rob?

    Please write another one! Or ask Father Rob to write a book and then YOU do commentary! That'd be great. Bookends. Kind of.

    And now, to support you as a true fan, i plan on purchasing a hard copy.

    Thanks for making my work day better, although I guess I should go to confession for listening to your book at work instead of listening to my boss. He yammers about, I don't know...stuff. I never listen.