Crew Appreciation Week: Mama Rulli!

I've been reflecting on just why we love Mama Rulli so much....she's so popular and we can't hear her enough! Mama R just comes up with some of the most wonderful zingers, and the unexpected timing is perfect!

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Using my foggy memory, I was trying to recall the first time we heard her on the air. I believe it was when Lino was trying to sell his condo and there was a bit of a family situation. Mama called in and explained, and it wasn't long after that she got to visit the studio. Oh my, that was so funny! It was Christmastime and Mama wanted to see the big tree in Rockefeller Center. She was only supposed to be on the show a short time, but her son just couldn't send her out in the cold by herself, now could he? At the time, the program director was a short little guy Rob "Ron" Astorino, and Mama called him a "little creature."

Or how about the time when the gang was in Rome broadcasting from Vatican Radio and Mama was on the air?! She had a wonderful little story and made reference to "big jugs." I emailed Lino trying to get him to use that as a catchphrase for the show, but never got a reply!

There's others: Lino and the former crew visiting Minnesota for Lino Rulli Appreciation Day. That was a time full of laughter too!

There could be more, like Hickety Pickety, don't remember exactly, but it was Jacob's Brother, and Teetertotter, which turned out to be Esau Seesaw! Love that one!

Yes, every time Mama Rulli comes on she makes me laugh with joy! Why? I think the bottom line is that her sayings have so much TRUTH in them! And like I tell my own kids when they question me, I remind them I have far more life experience than they do! So it goes with our dear Mama Rulli! We all love ya, gal!!

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