Fr Rob is Right

Yes I said it, Father Rob was in the right... the Rite of Marriage that is.

On Monday's show Fr Rob mentioned that he refused a bride's request to say "You may now kiss the bride."  I wanted to share my experience to enforce the fact that Fr. Rob did the right thing.

When I was getting married a few months ago, I was not willing to let anyone call into question the validity of my marriage at a later date. I wanted it all by the book. If it wasn't part of the Rite I didn't want to mess with it.  Our priest was clear about when would be an appropriate time to kiss (following the exchange of vows and exchange of rings-when the couple is actually married) then the mass goes on to communion if you've chosen that option.  I did a lot of research before planning our ceremony.  I loved Busted Halo's War for the Perfect Wedding which is a video series arguing for and against a lot of the 'secular customs' that have found their way into a religious ceremony.  (i.e. unity candles, getting married outside, etc)

The suggestion to kiss at the end of the mass seems out of place, by that point the couple has been married at least 30 minutes! That's right, communion during the wedding mass takes place after the couple is officially married.  Look, I don't know about you guys, but I don't ask the priest if I can hold hands with my husband in the pews, I didn't need him to announce that I would be kissing my husband. And frankly, would we want the priest announcing what happens later?  I think if the newly married couple can figure that out on their own, they don't need anyone announcing a kiss.

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