Crew Appreciaton Week: Lino Rulli

Lino Rulli is unashamed of his love of Howard Stern.

In any other circle, this isn't a big deal. So you like Howard, big deal? It doesn't make you bad or good, it's just something you listen to. But for some reason, his vocal support of Stern's show gets everybody all riled up.

On a recent Howard 100 News, Lino said that he has had speaking gigs cancelled after the event-planners found out about his admiration for the king of the airwaves. I found this a little shocking and a little sad: Why is Howard Stern such a lightning rod? If I was going to cancel one of Lino's speaking engagement, I'd do it because he likes Family Guy.

That said, I have a huge amount of respect for Lino Rulli's honesty. It's one of the reasons I started listening to him in the first place: a Christian radio host that was actually honest for a change. It was unheard of in my life. Growing up, I was used to hearing people focus on other people's faults and misgivings. For someone to freely admit that they are a sinner and that screwing up isn't some event delegated to the past, well, that just takes the cake.

Lino Rulli is one of those radio hosts you couldn't quit listening to even if you tried. It isn't just the big things that he's good at: Lino is amazing at the little things. For instance, you don't hardly ever hear him hang up on a caller. Other shows, after the caller makes a point, hang up on the person while the host reacts to whatever statement is made. Lino, on the other hand, actually takes the time to say goodbye to most people, and tells them   "Call in anytime."

You could make a case, by the way, that line is probably the show's catchphrase: It's said on a regular basis.

Before I started listening to Lino, I didn't really have any aspirations of becoming a writer or blogging or anything like that. Sure, I worked at a newspaper doing page design when I started listening to Lino, but Lino has inspired me to use my God-given abilities for the betterment of Christianity. I started listening to Lino, and thought, 'Here's a guy who uses Media to help spread the love of God in his own unique way. Why can't I at least try doing that?

I'm not saying that my talents are on par with Lino's: He's light years ahead of me in that regard. What I am saying is that Lino showed me that we all have talents that God has blessed us with, and that we shouldn't just rest on our laurels hoping that one day, they'll magically appear and flourish all on their own. Lino taught me that when you do something for the glory of God, you shouldn't half-ass it. God deserves better than some half-hearted attempt at Christian radio, TV, blogging etc.

God is amazing, and our level of dedication to our individual crafts should reflect just how much we love and respect Him.

I made a similar statement a few days ago on this blog, but I'll say it again. While Lino has Howard Stern to thank for getting into radio, I have Lino to thank for getting into blogging about my faith, and hopefully I become successful at that. Because of Lino, I was able to meet Fr. Jim Chern and start designing the campus bulletin for his Newman Center. This is my fourth school year doing that, and it's a wonderful experience. And best of all, because of Lino I met my wife and am expecting my first child.

OK, maybe he's not this inspirational, but he still rocks

For me, Lino Rulli is my Howard Stern: an influential, honest and damn entertaining radio pioneer dedicated to making the best show in the world. And like Howard Stern, Lino succeeds beyond any of our wildest expectations.

Thank you Lino Rulli.

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