Howard News 101 features Lino Rulli (audio link here)

Lino appeared on Howard 100 News yesterday, talking about how Howard Stern was an influence on his radio career.

"I've gotten hundreds or thousands of emails from people saying 'I hate you because you like Howard Stern,'" Lino said. "I've had speaking engagements canceled because they go wait a minute you like Howard Stern, I go yeah, they go well then we don't want you speaking at our event."

Lino went on to say that one of the highlights of getting a job interview at Sirius was getting to see where Howard works.

As Howard Stern is a great influence on Lino, I hope he realizes that he is "Howard Stern" to so many of us who listen to him each day. As Howard inspires and entertains Lino, so too does Lino inspire and entertain us.

You can listen to the clip here.

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