Lino on WCCO in Minnesota

Our fearless leader Lino Rulli appeared on WCCO tonight to talk about faith, his book, and the 10th anniversary of September 11. I forgot to record the audio, so I do apologize for not having a clip available.

Here are memorable quotes from the interview, some paraphrased:

On Catholicism having so many rules and restrictions: "I don't mind those things," Lino said, stating that he actually found it fun.

On his trip to Thailand: "I'm one of the worst people on earth. I claim to be religious, love God, love Catholicism, and I want to get a prostitute (Lino revealed that since his Mom was listening that no, he did not get a prostitute, but the temptation was strong).

"I just thought thats a story I'm going to put in this book. Maybe there are other people who go, 'Wow i fail too.' ... I think lot of people who fall short on what we believe in."

On honesty in Catholic media: I don't see enough in my personal life and faith is honesty. I want to be as honest as humanly possible. We all have struggles, why not laugh at them.

"I'm a real goofball. I want to laugh at myself. When you take yourself lot less seriously, you're more open to taking God seriously.

On 9-11, the anniversary, and God: "There's a feeling in NYC of hesitation, even on my walk here, there's more police presence. I don't mean to be disrespectful, but people are yet still living their life. People all over the place.

"As far faith is concerned, that was something done in name of religion. I can understand that people think religion is a bad thing. The most I can say is that God can make good out of bad, God can take meaning out of suffering.

" Where was God is question? Why does God allow things to happen. God gives us free will, we get to do good or choose to do bad. Many people talk about God being in suffering. God is in the firefighter that races into building to save someone, laying down your life for someone is one of Christ's greatest commandments.

"I know that answer is not helpful, adequate to a lot of people. It's important to be honest. I'll be the first person to be honest and say its ok to find doubts and sadness in this. Allow ourselves to ask important questions, and if we don't find answers, dig deeper. Somehow I still trust, have faith in all of this."

On not having a date tonight: I'm 39 and single. Being on a radio show on Saturday night, I can blame you for being dateless, but we know the truth.

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