Mess with him, you mess with us

These past couple of weeks seem to have been an emotional roller coaster for Lino.

A couple of weeks ago, some idiotic woman wrote him a horrible e-mail on one of the dating sites. She basically insulted his looks and his height and then told him she wished him good luck. Lino admitted he had already had enough of the online dating and now he has decided to give it up. Good for him - he doesn't need it anyway.

On Sept. 1, "Sinner" came out to rave reviews and big sales on all fronts. Lino was a bit put out because people (including his own mother) got a copy of it before the release date. Actually, he was more than put out- it really drove him nuts!

But, now that it is has gone "nationwide" as they say, all seems to be well. Except for some unknown people who want to crash the party. Lino mentioned on Wednesday these people, who were "friendly" to him on the surface, were really itching to stop his success. On air, he struggled against the temptation to expose those people for who they are, and rail against them publicly. He sought advice from Fr. Rob and from us, his faithful listeners. In the end, the "sinner" did not give into temptation, but took the high road.

As I was listening to the podcast where Lino read the e-mail from that awful woman, and then to the show hearing that these people were out to destroy him, I found myself feeling like a member of my own family was being abused and insulted. It really made me mad! I had to ask for grace to forgive these people who were mistreating my "brother."

"Sinner" is breaking the records left and right. Next week really oughta be better.

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2 Responses to Mess with him, you mess with us

  1. Anonymous says:

    I happened to hear this broadcast driving home yesterday after work.So proud of you for taking the high road. I found you all inspiring and REAL. Thank you for being REAL and modeling how to get through what should be one of the most exciting times for you. The best revenge is forgiveness and flat out ignoring these people who waste your brain energy. Make it empower you even more.

  2. Dan S. says:

    For his own sake, Lino needs to get over the temptation to go crazy every time he thinks someone doesn't like him. Anyone who's ever done anything in media or ministry that gets any attention has supporters and detractors. Dwelling on the negative people is a waste of energy.