Something's Missing Part 3

With the show receiving a new makeover, we thought we'd take the next few days to bemoan the things that are gone from the world of Lino Rulli. Today's topic? Lino's Myspace. Tomorrow? This magic moment.

One of the best parts about the replays from yesteryear was hearing Lino plug his Myspace page. "Visit me on Myspace!" Lino would shout, almost begging for for someone to visit. But then, Facebook took over, and Lino never plugs his Myspace page.

From a common sense standpoint, it doesn't make sense for Lino to plug his Myspace page. Nobody likes Myspace. Myspace is the Relevant Radio of social networks. I mean, just look at the thing! The man only has 10 friends! And one of them is a goat named Doug.

Still, it would be fun for Lino to try to revive his Myspace page. Let's see if The Catholic Guy can make it relevant again. Perhaps he could be Myspace's saviour, rescuing them from the baking coals that is eternal internet damnation. Or he could skip that challenge, wisely using his talents to answer Facebook fan questions instead.

The challenge awaits, Catholic Guy!

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