Something's Missing Part 1

With the show receiving a new makeover, we thought we'd take the next few days to bemoan the things that are gone from the world of Lino Rulli. Today's topic? A fourth voice. Tomorrow? Lino at Large.

Last week's Behind the Lino was epic. In case you missed it, Ryan Grant played OLD episodes of the show, which is great since many of the clips were before my time (Hard to believe right, me not being around for Lino Rulli's radio show. What an ass I am). One of my favorite parts of the show was that it featured FOUR distinct personalities. Producer Maureen, technical director Lou, host Lino Rulli and phone screener Tom.

After hearing the show today, it sounds like a two-man gig: Fr. Rob and Lino did all of the talking, and the breaks even introduced the two as a couple as a pair. Which is fine, as the two can carry the show. But it made me miss the days when there was a third and fourth voice that consistently chimed in.

I really love conversational Lino. It made for great radio. I realize that Tom didn't do a whole lot of talking, so to say that it was a consistent four-man show would be off. I do wish that a phone screener would get hired again though, if only to free up Ryan so that he can talk more, and to have a fourth, random opinion to give Fr. Rob and Lino a rest.

I think I'll like the new format. I'm still just fond of the idea of a Fantastic Four.

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