Something's Missing Part 2

With the show receiving a new makeover, we thought we'd take the next few days to bemoan the things that are gone from the world of Lino Rulli. Today's topic? Lino at Large. Tomorrow? His Myspace page

Anyone remember Lino at Large? That plucky little show used to play every Saturday night. And stopped. Gone like the former morning duo on The Catholic Channel from way back when. Or is it gone? I honestly have no freakin clue.

New episodes got cranked out each week. And then, in February, it stopped. There were two episodes released this summer, but those were replays. 

Could this show ever be resurrected? I hope so. Sure it times it seemed a little too tame for constant The Catholic Guy Show listeners, but it was a fun way to kill time on a Saturday night, or in podcast form at some point throughout the week.

I'm not sure what the future of Lino at Large will be. They still replay the show on Saturdays. And there are plenty of recordings to last another few years. I do hope the show will return though, hopefully with a little more edge. Perhaps Lino's new book Sinner will rejuvenate interest in this fun little show that doesn't get enough credit.

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