Wearin' of the collar

Was it just me, or did Lino a little less worldly and a little more holy today?

Our "sinner" saw the world from a different perspective today when he wore Fr. Rob's Roman collar for the day. I don't think he knew quite what to expect, but it sounded as if he was pleasantly surprised by the reactions he got. It was good to hear that people treated him with respect, and were friendly to him. It gives you hope to think that most people look kindly on our priests.

I think one of the greatest things about the Catholic Guy Show is that the listeners are exposed to priests who are just regular guys. Like the apostles and the saints, they are just regular people who answered God's call to carry on his work. We feel like Fr. Rob and Fr. jim are not only priests - they are "our" priests. And they are our friends.

Maybe wearing the collar taught Lino something else, too. Maybe he has a new found respect for his friends Rob and Jim and all of the men who have followed that call.

Will Lino discern for the priesthood? I really doubt it. I think God is using him in the best way possible- he is using the natural gifts God blessed him with to bring the faith to the people in a way they can understand and relate to.

(And on a personal note: I don't know where Lino got those black pants, but I am sure glad he decided to wear them. I had nightmares about him going out in jeans, or his signature cargo shorts!)

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2 Responses to Wearin' of the collar

  1. Did you get any video footage? This is a great experiment and one that only Lino could pull off. I've always enjoyed man-on-the-street interviews. You should do more of them. You could ask random people, "Catholics are..." (have the interviewee finish the statement). This would be fun. Love the show/podcast. God Bless.

  2. Joshua- I checked the website and did not see any video at this time. He does have a short video and some stills on his Facebook page, though. Thanks for your comment and for visiting the fan blog!