Anniversary Reflections

So, Lino is in California and Fr. Rob in New York, and the 5th Anniversary party is underway thanks to the "magic of technology" as Lino likes to say. (I couldn't believe I heard Fr. Rob say that today!)

As I listened to Lino interviewing that lucky listener Regina today, I found myself reflecting on my own "first experience" with the Catholic Guy. (no Hey Oh necessary).

About two years ago, we relocated to Birmingham from a small town in Mississippi due to a job change for my husband. After finding a job, I was faced with a longer work commute for the first time in many years. My car had XM and I heard a commercial for the Catholic Channel on another channel. I decided to give it a try and tuned in on the way home.

Much to my surprise, I heard this crazy guy playing a game with a listener that afternoon. Once I got over the initial shock that someone was having fun on a Catholic show, I began to really connect.

It was "Win Lou's Money," and Lino was asking the caller whether or not Ash Wednesday was a Holy Day of Obligation. Of course, the caller said "Yes," and of course I was screaming at the radio, "No, you big dummy, it's not!" I was hooked.

I have listened to Lino every day I could since then. I have listened to every podcast of the Catholic Guy Show that is available, and am in the process of listening to every "Lino at Large" podcast there is. I read and enjoyed "Sinner" and love being a Facebook Fan and a Twitter follower. I dream of going on a Pilgrimage, and love blogging on this crazy blog. (Thanks, Dustin). I probably have 20 friends on Twitter and Facebook that I did not have before because of the Catholic Guy Show. I am learning the true meaning of our universal church.

So thanks, Lino. (And Fr. Rob and Ryan) Happy Anniversary!

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