A birthday bash for Ryan Grant and Fr. Rob!

Amazingly, Fr. Rob Keighron AND producer Ryan Grant share the same birthday! It's like God reserved December 3 for awesome people or something. Today is also Ozzie Osbourne's birthday, so that kind of proves my point (also the birthday of Phoebe Hearst, which kinda trumps my theory, but anyways).

A feat like this CANNOT go unnoticed! I present to you, the tale of the tape.

First we have Ryan Grant. A producer with musical talent, he studied in the seminary before realizing that it wasn't God's calling for his life. He could have chosen to become a dentist, but instead Ryan chose to produce Lino Rulli's humble little radio show, The Catholic Guy, after Maureen died.

Then there's Fr. Rob. A scrappy fellow of 43 years of age, Fr. Rob has been a priest 1957. He sings and dances, both noble talents that could have earned him work to feed his family in depression-era Vaudeville times. But instead, he decided to give his life to the spirit of the Lord and joined a radio show, where his cackles, charm and sophisticated noble knowledge can be on display for years to come.

So which of the two would win this Birthday bash? If this was a WWE event, here's how their promos might sound.

Grant: Father Rob, God may love you but I think you're nuts! You stink, your logic is all off, and you bring your D-game to work each day! If I earned a better salary from The Catholic Channel, I could afford to smash this guitar over your Irish head. Your wish of a demise has...been....GRANTED!

Keighron: You want to come at me with that, Grant, you big dummy? All night, all night, every night you'd better hold tight, cause when I bash this bottle of Schnapps over your head, the only thing you'll have left to produce is your own will!

But thankfully, these two get along. Sure, we don't hear Ryan on the air as much, but when he does talk, they seem to have a civil relationship.

They are two great men of faith, and we as fans are blessed to have them on the air. But for what it's worth, I'd wager on Grant by submission.

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1 Response to A birthday bash for Ryan Grant and Fr. Rob!

  1. DarrylM says:

    LOL! Everyday they're shufflin', shufflin', shufflin'..

    Fr. Rob and Ryan: A huge happy birthday to both of you! Thanks for all you do!