Generation Cross Volume 2, where are you?

It's been years since Lino Rulli hosted Generation Cross. He won two Emmy awards for it, so it makes sense to release the show on DVD.

Well we got that. 90 minutes of Catholic Pleasure. Great segments all around. However, when it was released on DVD eleventy-billion years ago, we took the inclusion of the words "Volume One" in the DVD title to mean that we'd get more episodes soon.

But alas, it's been nearly four years, and I've only got one DVD. Only one! The thing won two Emmys, and all I get is 90 minutes. In the words of that sound clip on the show, "That's bush, bush league!"

I jest, but still, where is Generation Cross Volume 2? We know Lino is busy, and can ill afford to waste his time. But now that the book is finished and the promotional tour is winding down, we think he needs to get busy cranking out more DVDs.

Here are some ideas for Generation Cross Volume 2.

• More content! With Generation Cross Volume 1, we got 90 minutes of great show content, a bare bones DVD menu, and that's all. For volume two, there should be more special features. Maybe some audio commentary with Fr. Rob during one of the episodes. More outtakes. Video of an actual TCGS segment. Trailers for his other projects. The list could go on and on.

• Digital distribution! Lino wants to be at the cutting edge of Catholic Technology, right? DVDs were introduced in 1997. Why not take individual episodes and allow people to purchase them on iTunes? Or actually release seasons of the show on DVD, instead of just compilation discs?

I realize I may be asking too much, but I think with all the new attention on Lino, releasing new Generation Cross DVDs is the right thing to do at this time.

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