Two Best?

First off, thanks Lino and Fr Rob for broadcasting live today.  Just because it's Christmastime doesn't mean we aren't listening to the radio!

One of the callers today challenged Lino about his "two best" ongoing joke.  That is, if I called in to TCGS, Lino and Fr Rob would inform me that North Carolina was recently voted one of the two best Carolinas.  Same with the Dakotas, or Virginia and West Virginia.

Well, I say, if we have something better, then let's let him have it!  For example, here in North Carolina we have Placid Solari, OSB, who is the "One Minute Monk" that Lino so dearly loves to mock!  In my humble opinion, that's much more unique than being one of the two best Carolinas!  And yes, Fr Rob, that's his real name, he's Abbot of a Monastery that's also on the grounds of Belmont Abbey College, that's an awesome Catholic college, maybe you have listeners there!

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