New producer, new pilgrimage, new news

What a crazy week on The Catholic Guy Show! To recap:

- Lino and Fr. Rob get a new producer named Scott, who is married with two kiddos, according to our friends at Work has been nutso busy this week, so I haven't got a chance to hear much of Scott, except for yesterday when Fr. Rob was "lashing out" at him for asking a more educated question than the priest did (Which Wine Bar did you go to, as opposed to Fr. Rob asking if Lino went to McDonalds on a date).

Scott has prior radio experience, which should certainly help him keep up with Lino and Fr. Rob. Scott, we pray for your sanity and wish you the best!

- Fr. Jim Chern is going on a pilgrimage...we think. Fr. Jim is adamant that he's going, but Fr. Rob and Lino have a side bet they made on-air Monday where Fr. Rob gets $100 or so if Fr. Jim drops out. Personally, I think a bet like that is ridiculous and just makes everyone look mean, so I really hope Fr. Jim goes on the trip. It will be good for Fr. Jim and the listeners to hang out for a week.

You can find out more about the pilgrimage at

We should be thankful that God has allowed Fr. Jim to go in the pilgrimage. Being the chaplain on a college campus is probably one of the more time-consuming jobs a priest can have, especially when you're the only one. The kids need Fr. Jim more than radio show listeners, and the fact that he is so devoted to them speaks volumes about the integrity he has.

- As far as other news goes, it's about time for our annual predictions for 2012! Over the next few days, we'll recap what we got right and wrong in 2011, and we'll offer some predictions for 2012. It should hopefully be a good year, and I pray to God we don't lose any other staff members!

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