Preparation A: Behind the Advent Doors

Ok, it's a given that our Advent Calendar is probably the weirdest one you will ever find anywhere, but there are no words I can think of (that would not land me in the confessional) to describe what was behind this past Friday's door. Our own Fr. Rob (He' s such a giver) decided to grace us with his own rendition of the Christmas favorite "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" not once, but (Lord, help us) TWICE.

My ears were still ringing hours later when I decided to ask Lino (via Facebook) if he was mad at us. I figured we must have done something terribly wrong for him to punish us that way. Fr. Rob doing karaoke to a Journey song is one thing, but none of us (Merry Gentlemen or Ladies) will get any rest with that going on.

So this last week of Advent, as we progress in "Preparation A," who knows what we will find behind those doors?

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