Words that help

Lots of times, I like to enjoy Lino's show at the end of the workday to help me laugh and unwind.  I've now decided to help me get through the actual day.

I'm sure many of you are like me...you have to put up with some crazy people.  They're our every day lovable psychos.  My incident today:  the biddies...um women, were pitching a fit about my shoes.  When did I get them, what did I pay for them, I spend too much money.

Next time this happens, I'm going to reply:  "I like turtles."  Nothing else.  Perhaps, "that's mint" or even for us old timers "that's some fine meat there."  I just wish I could belt out a song like Fr Rob does.

I'm also hoping Mama Rulli will come on with some Italian phrases we can use.  I sure enjoyed her Christmas carols yesterday!  Mama Rulli, work it out with Lino that you can give us some Italian lessons!  Just keep coming on, we love you!

Merry and Blessed Christmas to one and all.  I like turtles.

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