Hello, Goodbye, Hello

"Hello, Catholics and everybody else! (I borrowed that from Lino and I hope he doesn't mind.)

I can't believe we are ending our time as bloggers on the Catholicguyshow.com so soon, but I am thankful for the opportunity I was given to be a part of this exclusive group of Lino fans.

It's funny how things work: I had been berating myself for letting my own blog go over the past few months and thinking my New Year's resolution would be to write more on my own blog. It is almost as if God was saying, "Hey! Get Busy!" when I got the e-mail from Dustin saying we were closing down. There is an appointed time for everything, and a time for every affair under the heavens. (Eccl. 3:1) ran through my mind immediately.

First, let me say to Dustin: "Thank you." Plain and simple. You are an amazing young man that God is using every day. You and Alli are very special young people and you are going to make wonderful parents. It warms my heart to see a young Catholic couple living their faith. I hope one day to meet you face to face.

Now, Lino- You bring me joy and laughter and teach me through it. Thank you for being a trailblazer for those of us who don't believe being Catholic= being boring. There is a time and a place for reverence and a time for joy. (See the verse above.) Thank you for writing your story and reminding us that we are all sinners and that God still loves us anyway. Thanks for being yourself and letting us know that being "human" is ok and that we don't have to be that "pious prude" to be Catholic.

And hey, Fr. Rob- Thanks for showing us that a priest can be a regular guy. Thanks for being there for us and 'taking up the slack' when Lino (and we) needed you the most. Writing about you has been a challenge I have loved.

So I hope everyone will continue to listen to the Catholic Guy Show as often as they can. I know I will. Be sure to follow Lino on Twitter and Facebook and if you haven't done so, get his wonderful book, "Sinner" (available at Amazon.com and where ever fine books are sold.)

Peace, LaJuan

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