The Post where we say goodbye

After nearly four years, we are closing shop on Not because of any disdain we have toward Lino Rulli or The Catholic Guy Show, but because it's just simply time. I want to give this blog a definite ending instead of all of us slowly drifting away.

When we began this blog, we had a beatific bold vision: To create a place where we got to write about our unending love of Lino Rulli and The Catholic Guy Show. And years later, I think that myself and our writers have stayed true to this mission.

We didn't do a big countdown or announcement of our end date because the blog was never really about us. Oh sure, we loved getting mentioned by name on the air. Any time we wrote something that was fun enough for Lino to plug during his show, it was like a second birthday. And yes, I do list this blog on my résumé. But in the end, the focus is all on Lino Rulli and The Catholic Guy Show.

I think we accomplished a lot on this blog, including two crew appreciation weeks, prediction columns that often went awry, hacking RBI Baseball to include Catholic Channel personalities, turning Lino into an enigma, published in-studio commentary, somehow convinced Lino's intern to do profiles of crew memberscomplimented his assistance in impregnating others, and heaped well-deserved praise upon the amazing Mama Rulli. And while we were unsuccessful in our efforts to get Sinner on the Nook or get Lino to release Generation Cross Volume Two, I feel that we have accomplished everything we can as a fan club. I also believe that all of our writers are talented enough to start their own ventures in Catholic Media and be wildly successful.

After all, we learned from the best.

So we bid adieu. As far as a personal post from me, I can't praise Lino enough for what he's done in my life. Because of him, I became Catholic and met my wife. And now we're having a baby! Seriously, aside from people in my family, Lino Rulli has had more influence on my life than anyone else. This post I wrote on his birthday sums everything up.

There might be a few more posts today from our writers saying goodbye, but after Jan. 13, 2012, this blog will cease to be updated. By the end of the month, will actually redirect to Lino's own web site, but will forever stand as a monument to our love of Lino Rulli. Also, our twitter feed,, will be given to Lino to do as he wants. We're hoping that he takes advantage of it's 3,500+ followers and uses it to tell listeners what's coming up on each show.

We'll miss writing about Lino Rulli, but we're confident in our future.

Below is a list of sites where you can go to keep following all of our writers.

dustin Faber -,
Allicia Faber -,
LaJuan Tallo -,
Elaine Payne -, Elaine's Google+
Krista D'Amore -
Jamie McAdams -,
Jim Bitz (Doug in Kansas) - Napoleon LivestockJim's Facebook
Fr. Jim Chern -,

Thank you so much for reading our work. God bless you.

dustin, Allicia, LaJuan, Elaine, Krista, Jamie, Jim and Fr. Jim.

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