Watching movies with Lino Rulli

Sometimes, five days with Lino Rulli, plus the podcast, just isn't enough time. To truly be number one in Catholic Media (something he's already clinched, actually), we need to feel like we can connect and bond with Lino away from the radio show.

Twitter and Facebook do this really well, but the fans need something more. And as I saw a friend write about watching the movie The Notebook, I came up with a brilliant plan. Why not watch a movie with Lino Rulli?

I realize not all of us could fit into his apartment, but what if Lino recorded his own audio commentary to films he loves, such as The Notebook and Love Actually, and uploaded it as a podcast? Technically speaking, it seems ridiculously easy to do, taking more time than skill. Record yourself talking, listen to the movie on headphones so it doesn't get into the podcast, and upload to your web site. Then listeners could download, hit play when Lino tells them to in the podcast, and have an instant film companion.

I think if he did this once a month, it would be a real treat for fans. I'd love to watch a movie and hear is own personal take on it. Lino could bring up religious aspects he enjoyed about the film, tell you if something is off-base theologically, or tell you why the scene you just saw is the funniest movie scene ever filmed.

This would also be something unique in Catholic media, as I'm unaware of someone doing the type of commentary that Lino could pull off. I think the style of radio he does each day would really transfer well into an audio commentary.

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3 Responses to Watching movies with Lino Rulli

  1. Leanne says:

    Like Riff Trax! I love it!

  2. Unknown says:

    I believe it's been done was called Mystery Science Theater 3000. Lino isn't one to copy secular Media is he? I think not.

  3. Unknown (if that is your real name), the point of the audio commentary I'm proposing isn't solely comedy, which is what MST3K does extremely well. Rather, it would be Lino offering up his own thoughts and theological takes on films.