Archbishop Dolan named Cardinal: What this means for Lino Rulli

Today I got word that Archbishop Timothy Dolan was named a Cardinal. He will be instituted in a formal ceremony on Feb. 18.

What does this mean for The Catholic Channel, specifically Lino Rulli?

I think TCC and all of its programming just got a little more prestige. Sure they've had Cardinal Egan beforehand, but Dolan is a charismatic, popular figure in the church. The fact that he's been named a Cardinal while overseeing Sirius XM 129 gives the channel a little more visibility with the rest of the Church.

The increased attention on Dolan will no doubt get Lino and the rest of our TCC friends a little more credibility, meaning now is the time to shine.

And while this is just speculation on my end, I think that Dolan has a good chance at being made Pope someday. If he becomes Pope, specifically the next one, that would do wonders for Lino, Busted Halo, Gus Lloyd, The Willits and everyone else who is involved with The Catholic Channel on a day to day basis. It wouldn't just be a quality Catholic radio station, it'd be the one the Pope used to work at!

No doubt this would make those hateful internet folks just cringe at the thought of Lino's channel being the one that a Pope came from.

In the end, Dolan's appointment to Cardinal means nothing but good things for Lino Rulli.

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2 Responses to Archbishop Dolan named Cardinal: What this means for Lino Rulli

  1. Maria R says:

    I think this is awesome news. he Pope picked a great man to be named Cardinal. And I agree the Catholic Channel will become a premier channel in worldwide Catholic broadcasting.

  2. Anonymous says:

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