You've got (hate) mail!

Brush off the haters (right after you forgive them.)

If you listened to the latest podcasts of the CGS, you know exactly what I am talking about. Lino gave us a tiny insight into the types of voicemails he gets- crazy, off-subject,full of bad theology and just pure hateful voicemails. The crazy, off-subject, full of bad theology ones were just funny. The hateful ones-not so much, in my opinion.

Lino and Fr. Rob goofed on those hateful voice mails and concluded that forgiveness of those wretched people was the right step to take and he said so. He encouraged it, in fact.

So the voicemails' complaints about him not being serious, not teaching Catholic/Christian faith, not setting the right example - all negated, All zeroed out. And a lesson in forgiveness taught in return.

I am quite sure that he puts up with a lot more criticism and hatefulness directed toward him than he cares to tell us about. But our "Sinner" will always be a winner, becuase he has a heart that is in the right place.

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1 Response to You've got (hate) mail!

  1. About the Lint awards. Fr. Rob is correct in his annoyance of Garrison Keeler. I always cringe when that one comes on. The worst is Hamway's voice of God "This is God". I always change the station when that one comes on.
    Thanks, Harry from Delaware