No Dumb Questions - just a dumb Fr Jim Chern

Hey Catholic Guy Fans -
Dustin asked me to share a bit about yesterday's visit to The Catholic Guy Show. It's always a lot of fun to see Lino and Lou... there use to be other people there too, I forget there names...

Just kidding. It was great being on the show when Maureen and Tom where there and I was wondering what it would be like without Maureen now. She usually pre-interviewed me before a show. That basically meant that she would call me in the morning to give me a couple show topic ideas. Now that didn't mean we would definitely talk about those things or that we couldn't get thrown wildly off topic. But it at least gave me a couple things to mentally prepare for as I was driving into the City.

So it was a bit nerve wracking going in without any idea about what we would talk about. Lino announced "No Dumb Questions" and I got a bit more worried. Because I can be a bit of a perfectionist, worry about making sure I give the right answers to things. But I was a bit at ease knowing that Lino's not only a great radio host - he also KNOWS his theology and can easily pick up if I'm lost...

My favorite part was driving home and my best priest friend (who is also a campus minsiter) called to tell me he listened and heard the part I talked about the Catholic Dating Game debacle (where Maureen was suppose to set up and execute a "dating game" set up for single women who might want to date Lino). Producer Maureen had called me because "things got crazy" and she needed some possible dates for Lino. I thought it was funny that she would think that:
1 - I would know eligible bachelorettes
2 - they wouldn't be offended by the premise of the question (you don't have plans on Valentines Day)
3 - and would want to try there luck at a date with Lino.

The only possibility was the woman who's a supervisor of mine and I shared that on air that I couldn't imagine how I'd even approach that conversation. My priest friend said "I love how you admitted to considering trying to 'pimp' out our boss..." OUCH - hadn't thought of it like that!

At any rate - the whole visit was great and I'm VERY appreciative that people found our answers helpful. I left the studio thinking we had done some very good work - glad that you guys agree.

Keep Well and God Bless You!

Fr Jim

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1 Response to No Dumb Questions - just a dumb Fr Jim Chern

  1. Thank you Father Chern. It's good to hear what it's like from the "inside."

    And the whole bit with Maureen asking you for i nearly fell out of my chair laughing at the thought of that.

    She could have looked on Lino's Myspace friend list for available women though. Maybe next time!