Lino on Speak Now

Lino Rulli appeared on Speak Now with Dave and Susan Konig (the best three hours of morning Radio) today, to discuss, among other things, his woes with the ladies.

"I have nothing else to say about Catholicism," Lino said when asked by Dave if he enjoyed talking about catholocism on the radio. "I ran out of things after the first three weeks...I just repeat things...It's like my dating life, Susan. I'm great right out of the gates, three or four dates, girls think I'm wonderful...then they break up with me," Lino said. "I have nothing new to offer, the same old nose jokes.

Lino also discussed confession, talking about saying his confession on the air yesterday (the confession in question was confessing to objectifying women).

"I like looking at people as objects," Lino confessed. "What can I get from them? Horrible life I live...Is that a mortal sin, is that a venial sin, who knows...I'm going just in case, to get it out of my conscience."

When asked about the changes to the personnel, Lino said that his demeanor might be at fault.

"I must be so miserable to work with, that they run out of the studio," Rulli said of the crew members Tom and Maureen leaving the show.

When asked if the show was going to change, Lino revealed a new format.

"Here's the new plan. We're going to hire two new people, and I'm going to start firing people," Lino said. "Every week there will be a new firing. I wanna be like, Lou is it your turn to get fired?" Rulli said that he couldn't do it this week because there was only one crew member.

Lino also got Dave four tickets to the Mets tonight, which was a nice gesture.

This marks the second week in a row in which a member of the crew from The Catholic Guy show appeared on Speak Now, with former producer Maureen appearing last week.

"Dave and Susan put on a great show, and your trying to ruin it intentionally!" Rulli said of producer Adam "Hammer" Hamway booking himself and Maureen last week.

Nice hour of radio. More on the afternoon show later today.

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1 Response to Lino on Speak Now

  1. Marty says:

    I'm Sorry I missed the show. I hope they we replay the program on a Catholic Channel "best of " over the weekend.