Maureen McMurray on 'Speak Now'

Producer Maureen McMurray, along with John Kennedy, the producer from 'Seize The Day' (Gus's dog-and-pony show), appeared on the best three hours of morning radio, Dave and Susan Konig's 'Speak Now.'

When asked about what she is going to be doing at NPR, McMurray revealed the type of show she'd be working on.

"I'm going to be producing a variety show. I'm really looking forward to it, no offense to anyone I've left behind."

After Susan asked about people's reaction to McMurray leaving, Maureen said that people had a positive attitude, joking with her about leaving. But when it came to their sadness about McMurray being gone, she stated that nobody would care.

"Honestly, they're going to forget in a week...We've had people come and go on the show before, and nobody cares," a laughing McMurray said.

Dave played a great clip, featuring Maureen, about giving Wedding vows. I wasn't able to catch more specifics (I've got no pause or rewind button on my Sirius), but the clip had Maureen reading these extremely sappy, pseudo-meaningful wedding vows to the groom. The groom replied with something short and sweet, which prompted outrage from McMurray, who yelled "That's a hallmark card! I stayed up all night writing this f****** thing."


Playing off of Gus's reading of Pope Benedict's homily earlier this year, audio of "Gus Loyd " (I think it was Dave doing a great impression) reading the lyrics from "Be Our Guest" from Beauty in the Beast made an appearance. I seriously hope that Lino replays the segment, as hearing a mock Gus Loyd recite Disney lyrics makes for quality radio.

McMurray did give a final sendoff to listeners, which was very sweet and touching.

"I have two things. One I want to say ... I really did learn a tremendous amount of Catholicism. I got to go to the Vatican with Lino, and it was incredible. In terms of listeners on our show ... that is probably one of the saddest things about leaving. I'm really going to miss the listeners alot."

Before McMurray's appearance, Susan Konig talked about the worst send-off (The Washington Post giving the best send-off) after leaving a job. At Seventeen magazine, Konig was taken out for coffee, and told that her position was being eliminated. On her last day, Konig said that the editor-in-chief actually called her in the office, and told her that she was a 'bad writer' (not true).

"She decided to knock me down a few pegs," Konig recalled. "... I said to her, 'If I'm such a bad writer, I'm going to take all the writing for the next issue with me." Konig did say that the security guard, Stitch, that removed her from the building seemed a little sad. An older man, he showed great remorse in having to remove Susan from the job.

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2 Responses to Maureen McMurray on 'Speak Now'

  1. Doug INK says:

    Man, I would have loved to hear that interiew. I wish I would have known about it. Does Maureen know about self promotion? I could have recorded it. But there is no replay of Dave and Susan, so I hoping that Lino allows a little on TCG show. Thanks for the update,

  2. I only heard a bit of that interview. I think Maureen might be underrating her listeners. I bet lots of people will remember her as they do Tom Falcone. Both of them are in many people's prayers, I'll bet.